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*Winks right back at you* Think you can keep me from pinching your hot ass, because you’re wearing green?  Think again, Viking!

Happy St Patty’s Day!

I may not be a practising Catholic since I already did my time for 12 years in school; but drinking green beer is something my morals can get behind.  Hope you all have a fun day and be sure to find someone you can pinch…. Maybe a tall Swede would be my first choice!



Fanfic News

Five reasons any writer might want to write fan fiction.

by Elizabeth Hunter (aka E_theHunter)

With all the news lately being on fanfiction, I think this is my favourite article so far.  I’ll tell you why.  First of all, the article is from a recognised fanfic writer who has many fans in the SVM fanfic community and has gone on to publish her own original work, and is gaining success from it. 

After meeting such fabulous fanfic writers and reading such incredible fanfics over the years, I believe that fanfiction deserves recognition in the writing community.  There have been fanfics that have pulled me into the most amazing stories and have made the characters come to life.  Yes, the basis for the fanfics is published works that have already developed the characters and plot; however, some fanfiction writers have shown such talents that their works shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed.

I have witnessed new writers gather up the confidence to publish a fanfic and watched their talents take shape and become better writers.  Considering traditional publishers or the costs involved in trying to publish your own works, many of these writers would have never been able to get their works read or have the the immediate feedback that they get with fanfiction.

Among Elizabeth’s reasons for a writer to write fanfiction, she also recommends an article The Boy Who Lived Forever,8599,2081784,00.html which has this great quote, “Right now fan fiction is still the cultural equivalent of dark matter: it’s largely invisible to the mainstream, but at the same time, it’s unbelievably massive.”   Of course with many blogs and e~zines talking about fanfiction lately, this may change.


DA_logo_without_DA_2_reasonably_smallFrom Dear Author :

Mar 17 2012

Fan Fiction Author Roundtable: Cyndy Aleo, Tamara Allen, Jane Davitt, & Jami Gold

Like I had said in my previous post, Dear Author, is having a series of posts about fanfiction and publishing.  This article takes four fanfic writers some who have published original works and poses some questions of what they think about authors who speak out against fanfiction and the future of fanfiction.